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Willie nelsons band i busskrasch


We believe it is due to icy conditions on the road. No one suffered serious injuries. Paul English injured his ankle, Billy English suffered a bruised hip and crew member Tom Hawkins has a cracked rib. The other family members on the bus are sore but everyone is expected to recover fully. The last four dates in November have been postponed and the tour resumes as scheduled in December.

Prayers for everyone involved and their families! Glad you are all safe and well best wishes too all of you ,come over and tour the north east of England soon Geordies always have a warm welcome for folks overseas xxx.

So glad it Willie nelsons band i busskrasch not worse, may all that are injured or sore recover soon. I am thankful that the injuries were not more "Willie nelsons band i busskrasch" than they were. Prayers for a speedy recovery for each of you! Prayers for fast healing for everyone hurt.

The band's bus (Willie was...

Thank you for the update. Thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery to those who suffered in crash.

A tour bus transporting Willie...

Willie nelsons band i busskrasch We are in lil ole Fayetteville here and are kinda curious as to if there is any idea as to when the Fayetteville show is going to be rescheduled?

Would love just to say HI in bus for a bit of Arkansas hospitality. My daughter, my best friend and I have been so looking forward to your concert in Jackson. My daughter is a third generation fan of yours! Prayers going out for a quick recovery for everyone involved. Willie, we are eagerly awaiting the rescheduling of this event and are honored to be able to see you for the second time!!

Driver Brandt- sorry on the news of the accident. I hope you and your precious cargo are doing ok. I wish everyone involved a speedy recovery and a happy Thanksgiving! I am very sorry to hear about the crash— I hope Paul and Billy and the driver are feeling better— I am very grateful it was not MORE serious— love you all!!

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Speedy recover to all! May your continued travels be safe and lead you back to your homes without incident. I am thankful that no one was seriously injured in the accident. Best wishes Willie nelsons band i busskrasch the band members and crew and their families for a speedy recovery. I know Texas weather can be the worst in winter times. I have been caught on I on a couple of occassions in icy weather.

Again, speedy recovery to the hardest working band in country music…. Fastest recovery on the planet, my mom was doing stairs the next day and has NO restrictions. Hope everyone is fine. Glad everyone is ok! There were wrecks all over US and the reports were ice all the way to Amarillo. We decided not to take chances. Not only does it rain in Southern California, it ices in Texas!

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul English before a show at the Horseshoe Bossier City about 8 years ago — he could not have been friendlier or nicer to my wife and I. Prayers going out to he, Billy, Tom and the rest of the crew. Hope to catch another show soon! I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope all is well and am glad that no one was seriously injured. So thankful no major injuries in accident. Prayers continue from my family to yours for speedy recoveries.

Wishing him, and the others injured a very speedy recovery. Will see you in the road hopefully soon. Gave Bobbie the picture hope to see you guys soon. Neighbour,4th year livening In my van in SoCo. Arlin need Willie nelsons band i busskrasch Song Writer?

Three of Willie Nelson's five...

For maintainable and Night Watchman. My bus broken down at Boat and Storage just outside Paleface. Just a Songwriter ,no one to sing The songs I say. Doug N Elvis service Golden Epileptic from 9: From one classy musician to another.

Gods speed, get well soon. Text formatting is available via select HTML. You must log into Club Luck to access presales. Lori November 23, at 1: Glad no one was injured too badly. Hope everyone Mends quickly.

Rick Burden November 23, at 1: We enjoyed the concert in Little Rock, Willie. Prayers are with Willie nelsons band i busskrasch injured from the bus wreck.

At 80 years old, Willie...

John Geaux November 23, at 1: Thanks for the word! Karen cooper November 23, at 2: Jan Elliott November 23, at 2: Bunk November 23, at 3: Julie Castellon-Irwin November 23, at 4: Best wishes and prayers for everyone. Phyllis Rademacher November 23, at 6: Frank November 23, at 7: Judy November 23, at 7: Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad everyone is ok. One of Willies many,many fans. Michelle November 23, at Vidar Braaten November 24, at 4: Sorry about the accidentbut glad to hear that all are doing pretty good.

Take care and drive safely for the rest of the tour. Trent Kreitler November 24, at 5: Barbara Yeager November 24, at 7: Cynthia November 24, at Dana Burwell November 24, at Chris November 24, at Wishing everyone a speedy recovery. Prayers from Springdale, Utah. Scott Fletcher November 25, at Randy Sitton November 25, at 8: November 25, at 8: We are so glad nothing serious with everyone!!

Hope all is well, and Bless you all. Valerie Hathaway November 25, at 9: Billy Herrell November 25, at Willie nelsons band i busskrasch Green November 25, at Charlotte Kirby Dike November 25, at Willie Wurm November 25, at Rebecca Suzanne November 25, at 8: Jason November 25, at 8: Jason New London, TX.

Three members of Willie Nelson's touring ensemble were injured following a bus crash early Saturday morning (Nov. 23) near Sulphur Springs. A tour bus carrying six of Willie Nelson's band members crashed early Saturday morning outside of Sulphur Springs, Texas. Three people were hospitalized after Willie Nelson's band's tour bus slammed into a bridge Willie nelsons band i busskrasch on I in Sulphur Springs, Texas early.

How to talk to him about it ? The band's bus (Willie was in his own bus) crashed along I around AM when it hit . God Bless America, and Willie Nelson and Family!. Country singer Willie Nelson's drummer broke his hip and two other band members suffered minor injuries after their bus hit a highway..

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  • The band's bus (Willie was in his own bus) crashed along I around AM when...
  • We believe it is due to icy conditions on the road.
  • Willie Nelson has postponed concerts in Mississippi this weekend after three members of his band were injured in a...
  • Willie Nelson’s band members injured when tour bus crashes in storm |

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Willie nelsons band i busskrasch

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  • Three people were hospitalized after Willie Nelson's band's tour bus slammed into a bridge pillar on I in Sulphur Springs, Texas early. A tour bus transporting Willie Nelson's band members spun out of control in a storm and crashed into a Texas bridge pillar before dawn.
  • A tour bus carrying six of Willie Nelson's band members crashed early Saturday morning outside of Sulphur Springs, Texas.
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