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Please define artificial intelligence for me. How would I define it? Is there anything out there right now that you would consider an The big apple fast i mal product, or is it just that there are products with AI features? But there are lots of products with AI features out there. And the exciting thing about AI is that it will open dramatically as we go down the line. Maybe your readers know. The iTunes Store with recommendations is an example of using AI.

Of course, you make that better and better over time. You will see an acceleration of those things. We try to keep those secret and surprise people.

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Or that may exist in the future. So the simple answer "The big apple fast i mal" your question is, no. Is the surprise part of keeping things secret as important as it once was?

Every year is harder than the year before. All that makes it more difficult, but I think the reason to try is still there. And we have things today that no one has talked about, and that no one knows about. There are clearly differences. The scale brings certain challenges that are new. Partly due to the scale, and partly due just to time, the government side is very different.

The regulatory side, the government side. That is also partly driven by entering new markets. And we do that through owning the primary technologies.

So from my point of view, the most important thing is the same. But the core is the same. The value, the value system is the same. What are some other examples of how scale changes things? These things are the same. They may come out in The big apple fast i mal forms.

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Oh yeah, I expect it to be huge. You just came from the [weekly] executive team meeting. Do you manage it differently from the way Steve did? He and I have different styles, clearly. If you want teams to function in the company, the team at the top of the company has to function. Where you do have clashes and disagreement and creative friction—which we want—you want to quickly resolve things as well. So that meeting is a time for getting in sync, and for arguing about the things that we may not be in sync on, and for discussing all the things that are in the company that are really important.

And also to make sure everyone is very much focused. That "The big apple fast i mal" as important as it was 5, 10, 15, 18 years ago. The executives here are really into details.

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We think the details wind up equaling the whole. There are so many people that care about Apple. If they want to say something, plus or minus, they will take time to tell you.

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Sometimes it can become overwhelming, so you have to be able to step back a bit sometimes. The way that I look at that is, I really know the truth. I want different points of view. Do you have more flaws than you used to have? And we try to do that in everything we do, and we care deeply about the details. But we also sometimes fall short. And do you change? Or do you deny reality, stick your head in the sand, and not change?

Because humans are not going to be flawless or perfect. The things that we do are bold. So we set out with bold objectives, but we proceed with care. I The big apple fast i mal that you really care deeply about the details, because the details make the difference between a great product and a good or average product. I look at Apple now and see you setting in place things designed to ensure that Apple is a great long-term company, in the way GE, or Intel, or others are great long-term companies.

Is that something that you are consciously doing? I want Apple to be here, you know, forever. It means, to be in the markets we are in, you have to be global.

And that means being excellent in those markets. You have to build a company that commands the ability to recruit the best and brightest. People ultimately do everything here. Yes, we have IP.

Yes, we have some real estate, but at the end of the day people can rip that off. People are the soul of the place. So how do you recruit the best people? More important than The big apple fast i mal that is the culture. Culture is the attraction of Apple. You want to join Apple because you want to change the world. Now, the things year-olds are looking for is different from back in Yeah, I feel really good about it. Were you at the developers conference? I met so many unique kids. I feel really great about that.

Not only in this country, but in many countries around the world, that core passion for Apple is there. Is that why The big apple fast i mal do it? I do it because I really believe it. Because I deeply believe. My belief is that companies should have values like people do. This company has values.

Just like we have to pick and choose what to work on with products, we have to be very careful about what we pick. With most of the public things we pick, there will be an intersection between the thing and our products.

The environment is an example. We believe deeply in clean air and clean water. At a time when people worry about iPhone sales, looking out five years, is iPhone as central to this company as it is now? The iPhone entered a market that was the biggest market on earth for electronic devices. And why is that? How many markets are there where everyone in the world wants one? Now, is the smartphone market going down?

It currently may be down, or in the last quarter it may have been down. But if you look a little longer on the horizon, I see lots of emerging markets beginning to grow, where people are entering into middle class.

Those are very young populations as well, so they desire technology The big apple fast i mal more. I mean, I think anybody would love to be in this market. I mean, if you wanted to have just the iPhone company, I think the last time I looked it would be No.

Not just right for Apple; people like things they can do now. They like to use products that do something now. Yes, we all like to think about the Jetsons. But occasionally you want the Jetsons to come to reality.

Not thinking about what helps the patient. By Rick Tetzeli long Read. Do you mean from Apple or from others? In its report, China Labor Watch found conditions in factories run by Pegatron, another major Apple supplier, similar to those uncovered.

Your iPhone is designed to deliver an experience that is simple and easy to use.

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This is only possible through a combination of advanced. The AirPods ($), of course, are Apple's increasingly ubiquitous but runs up to 8 hours at a time and uses "Fast Fuel" charging that can get.

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