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Lindsey jacobellis


Notwithstanding that regarded as one of the greatest snowboard hybrid champions in history, American Lindsey Jacobellis is smooth waiting for her before all taste of Olympic boast. Born in Danbury, Connecticut, not far from the mountains of Vermont, Lindsey Jacobellis was 10 when she was introduced to snowboarding by her older brother at Stratton Mountain ski resort. Although she initially excelled in half pipe, she eventually true her attention to snowboard cross, a sport that came into being in North America in the early s.

Jacobellis was only 16 when she took part in the first major international snowboard cross competition, held at the X Games. She went on to behoove the most successful athlete in X Games representation, winning eight SBX titles between and , when which time she as well won three FIS Coterie Championship crowns and two World Cup titles in her signature event.

Next to the end of the American had racked up a hugely impressive 27 World Cup victories and a grand total of 40 podium finishes, statistics that have contributed to her becoming one of the most eminent figures in the short background of snowboard cross. Near the time snowboard traverse made its Olympic coming out at Turin Jacobellis had turned 20 and was the world No1. Definite to prove she was in a class of her own, the American boarder sailed through the heats and then surged into the lead in the four-rider final.

The American, who had to be content with the silver medal, later admitted she had got caught up in the moment:


Look Young At 20 You'll Look Young At 40? The redemption arc is one of the most reliable Olympic tropes and there were few juicier ones entering these Winter Games than Lindsey. The latest Tweets from Lindsey Jacobellis (@LindsJacobellis). Professional Snowboarder | 3 x Olympian | 27 x World Cup Medalist | 10x X Game Gold Medalist..

Lindsey jacobellis 594 Lindsey jacobellis T he redemption arc is one of the most reliable Olympic tropes and there were few juicier ones entering these Winter Games than Lindsey Jacobellis. Lindsey jacobellis 987

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Lindsey jacobellis She is also a ten-time snowboard cross champion at the X Games. Jacobellis has snowboarded competitively in Snowboardcross , Snowboard...
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Lindsey jacobellis

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Lindsey Jacobellis

A pioneer in her sport Born in Danbury, Connecticut, not far from the mountains of Vermont, Lindsey Jacobellis was 10 when she was introduced to snowboarding by her older brother at Stratton Mountain ski resort.

She fared no better at Sochi , taking seventh place after crashing out when leading her semi-final race. Retrieved from " https: Silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Turin. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

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  • The redemption arc is one of the most reliable Olympic tropes and there were few juicier ones entering these Winter...
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