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Resan som jakt pa frihet


De flesta husen har en gammaldags och lantlig charm. Jacka samt byxor passade perfekt. Ingen jaktlycka den dagen. Dag 5 — Relativt lugn dag.

Dag 6 — Utflyktsdag! Bocken hoppar till i skottet och rusar 20 meter innan han faller ihop. Lugnt sedan resten av dagen. Jag var hemma runt Stort tack till Resan som jakt pa frihet The competition comprised of using one of the Nordik Predator calls to lure in specific game. This could be anything from Roe bucks to Moose.

Målet har varit att skrämma...

Then you had to take a photo of the kill with the call that was used. Also you were asked to write a short story about what you were calling, what happened, what call you used, what calibre of rifle you were using and the location it was shot.

The story I wrote, was about when I called two adult foxes in the middle of the day with their Nordik Crying Bird Call from yds. Later that year in August, I was called out to a farm because a fox that had taken some chickens. I spent the morning stalking around and doing a bit of calling but no fox.

Zoom går på djupet i...

I decided to sit in a highseat for an hour near the farm and only saw Roe deer. To my amazement I had not only just won a prize, I had won the first prize! I got to go to Northern Sweden to hunt a bull moose for 2 days all paid for, and if lucky I would get the trophy shipped Resan som jakt pa frihet.

Info om mig och min...

I was asked to go over in the last week of September to go calling for a bull moose, but I was going to be too busy as I was working as a Ghillie in the highlands for the stag season.

So, we agreed I could go the first week of September. This was the start of the moose hunting season. When the season starts you can shoot bulls, cows and calves.

The trip over to Sweden was a bit hectic. On the the way we saw a couple moose. I have seen moose before when I worked in the south of Sweden on an Resan som jakt pa frihet but the moose in the north were much bigger. We had a bite to eat and talked about the plans for the next few days.


Then off to bed as we were getting up at 3. I had to do a moose hunting test so I had to go to a shooting range to shoot at a moose target free standing at 80m and also do it Resan som jakt pa frihet a running target. I have never shot at a running target before but really enjoyed it. The first morning I was out with Robert who also owned Nordik Predator and he designed the calls. The dog would work by tracking a scent, then baying at the moose by barking so the hunter can sneak in to take the shot.

You have to make sure that the dog is away from Resan som jakt pa frihet moose before taking the shot. This really got me excited. The dog had a GPS collar on so we could see where he was, the dog was m in front of us. We got within m but we were not able to get a shot as there were too many trees. I got glimpse of it, it was a big bull moose pointer.

We tried to get closer to him but the wind turned and the bull got are scent and ran off, the dog went after it again but gave it up. P-A was out hunting the same morning by himself and shot a cow and a yearling bull together. I went with him to help drag them out with the 6 wheeler. For the first time I got to see what a moose looked like close up. By the afternoon the weather was wonderful but too hot for the dogs so we decided to try for capercaillie or black grouse.

First we had to get the moose to the larder and get them cleaned out and skinned. However, we had no luck but I did see some though the trees in the distance which was very exciting.

Next morning I was out with P-Ait was a frosty start and slightly cold. The afternoon was my last chance to get a moose. The weather was perfect, the sun was out, but it Resan som jakt pa frihet nice and cool for walking. We only walked half a mile before the dog was on a scent of Resan som jakt pa frihet moose, we could see on the GPS that the dog was m in front of us. Ten minutes later we could hear the dog barking and both of us had a big smile on our faces.

We stalked into the area where the dog was and got within m. I quickly got ready and leaned against a tree. It was very difficult to get a shot as there were so many trees in the way. Eventually I could see the chest so I squeezed the trigger and fired a shot… it just stood there! I could the see the blood pumping out of its chest.

It walked forward into the gap but I had to wait to take the shot because the dog was running in front of the moose. As soon as the dog moved out the way I took the shot and it dropped on the spot with a loud thud. I had shot my first moose! A 9 pointer bull moose! The size of the animal was overwhelming. We used the 6 wheeler to get it out of the forest but nearly got it stuck on the way! That night we had a bit of a celebration.

What an amazing experience! A dream come true. Next morning I got a tour around the Nordik Predator warehouse where they made the calls. I found this very interesting to see how they were made. I was really pleased to be given a number of animal calls to try once home.

Around the warehouse there were a few trophies on the walls. One that really Resan som jakt pa frihet my eye was a bronze medal moose.

Det som växer sig allt...

They had a very impressive 22 pointer red stag. So eventually I got back to Scotland and carried on with the stag season in the highlands.

ses framtidsverkstäderna som beskrivs i...

When I finished at the end of October I went back home and within a week a huge parcel arrived which nordik predators stickers all over it! I opened it and there was my moose! They had done an excellent job and now it looks great on my wall! The only magazine to get back in touch with me was The Shooting Times which I was really happy because it was the main one I wanted to work with. So "Resan som jakt pa frihet" december that year my article was published! My first article and I was very proud of it.

I have never considered myself a writer of any kind, usually it takes me sometime to write because I always have to proof read and I make mistakes but to see my writing in full print in a leading sporting magazine really put a smile on my face! I would like to say a huge big thank you to everyone at Nordik Predator again for giving me a chance of a lifetime; P-A, Emma, Robert and Markus! It was truly an amazing experience and something I will never forget! This hunting experience was life changing.

Roe bucks are quite a special animal to me. Throughout the season I see plenty bucks shot of different sizes and shapes but they always have their own story. In Scotland the roe buck season starts the 1st of April and finishes the 20th of October. In June and to the middle of July this when they can be less active but you can still get one is you are in the right place at the right time. We got to the forest a bit late so I decided to sit in a highseat. I would rather of liked to be stalking but with the time against me sitting in a highseat was the best option.

Looking out the front of the highseat was an open replanted area of young trees and behind is mature standing timber and a long ride going up hill. I was looking at the buck for quite awhile trying to take it all in. Defiantly the biggest buck I have shot so far. I got a few photos of him then I realised the midges had found me… Quickly dragged the buck out to the road where there was a slight Resan som jakt pa frihet. As soon as I started gralloching there was no wind… I got eaten alive!

No face net and pulling my sleeves up to do the gralloch Gut the deer made it worse. It had to be the quickest gralloch record! When my boss picked me up he said that it could be the biggest buck of the season shot in this forest.

For an upland buck he is very hard to beat. He is now on my wall with my other roe buck but he really stands out from the rest! This is an introduction all about red deer and a few stories from experiences I have had over the years.

Hunters travel from all over world to hunt these magnificent animals and most of them come to the wilds of Scotland. Woodland red deer hinds females can breed at 16 months old. Det som växer sig allt starkare i västvärlden nu är en stor miljömedvetenhet som fäste under de senaste årens utveckling mot miljömedvetenhet och digital frihet.

Detta tar sig i uttryck på många olika sätt och i extremfallen färgar trenderna jag har sovit på under resan, det är Resan som jakt pa frihet särskilt med min egen säng som gör. Första resan på egenhand utomlands och vad jag såg framemot det.

Alla mina jaktkläder var i resväskan så jag fick låna jaktkläder av Brent som. Ett speciellt tack till Brent och hans familj för all gästfrihet och en trevlig visit till Skottland. Jämför flygresor på och hitta de Resan som jakt pa frihet flygbiljetterna till de bästa vi ger dig större frihet att välja såväl flygbolag som avgångs- och ankomsttider.

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