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Kacaniklics debut kandes stort


Sweden vs Portugal WC Playoff - 2nd leg self. Isaksson, Martin Olsson, P. After the first leg, Sweden are down, because of a Ronaldo goal, however, with home advantage tonight, will they be able to overturn "Kacaniklics debut kandes stort" goal deficit and win? And it forces a very good save from Isaksson from a Bruno Alves header after Kacaniklic gave away a free kick mid-way into the Swedish half.

Elmander is Kacaniklics debut kandes stort for Sweden after Pepe follows through, Portugal break with Ronaldo who puts a cross into the back post for Almeida to have a go with a header, but it's wide!

Should have finished it. A long ball is put into Ibra, who Kacaniklics debut kandes stort it down, but a volley goes straight into the arms of Patricio. Nani puts a ball in from the right for Ronaldo, but he shanks his shot wide and over. Coentrao with some excellent dribbling and he lays it off to Ronaldo but his shot is right at Isaksson. A delightful ball from Moutinho puts Ronaldo in 1-on-1 and puts the ball perfectly into the back of the net.

A massive goal for Portugal and now Sweden have to score 3. Not good for Kacaniklics debut kandes stort as he puts in a wayward cross. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores from a corner with a strong header! This is a chance I have goose bumps and I'm not even Swedish! Ronaldo breaks away and puts it away. This match is crazy! Another 2 are needed from Sweden. Ronaldo Is away once again with a delightful ball, and he smashes it home at the near post. All night, Ronaldo has had far too much space down that left hand side and he gets his hat-trick.

Surely Sweden can't get He contests a header which bounces loose and he gets to it first, but his shot is just wide. After a dire first half, The second half exploded with a powerful free kick from Zlatan. However, Swedens lack of a RB showed, and Ronaldo is the worst player you want to exploit that, and he made Sweden pay. A fantastic game though. My favourite match thread that I've done so far. I've loved the comments that have came through tonight, with quite a few making me chuckle, my fingers hurt from typing so much, and I should have been revising for exams this week, but this match was definitely worth it.

Thank you all very much for viewing, and I hope you enjoyed the match! But so frustrating for us swedes. Ronaldo got these silk smooth passes from Moutinho placing him 1 vs. Zlatan got long passes that about 1 in 4 where remotely close to him but still he manages to head them down or create chances with two world class defenders on his back.

An incredible match for him to be able to score two and create so much. But Portugal as a team played a lot better and mainly Moutinho who passes like a god. Good luck in Brazil, Portugal. LOLLLL, Ronaldo is interviewing on Portuguese TV now and the reporter asked if he kept the ball from the game and he steps off to the side and shouts to someone "Go get the ball from the game! It gets better when someone shouts in the background "you are the fucking greatest player in the world" during the interview, and he gives the victory smile.

He asks for the ball in the beginning of the video Ronaldo: I would be willing to bet actual money that is Bruno Alves shouting, as they are great friends and i can instantly recognize his portuguese northern accent right away.

Want to add to the...

I was hoping Portugal would win and I almost shit my pants after ibra scored the brace. I thought with all thy momentum they would pull a Sweden vs Germany an bag a couple more goals and go through. Thank god for ronaldo being the hero. I wish we wouldn't have gotten that lead. I really believed, I really thought we were gonna pull off a crazy win. I could see myself with my friends in the sofa, watching the kick off between Sweden and probably England, after months of anticipation.

I feel like both teams deserve to be in the WC, Kacaniklics debut kandes stort that they knock eachother out before it even begins.

I have left reddit due to my disagreement with the direction the website has taken in the last years. The situation has gotten increasingly worse.

"The first training session was...

As an act of protest, I have chosen to redact all the comments I've ever made on reddit, overwriting them with this "Kacaniklics debut kandes stort." You may need to scroll down to multiple comment pages if you have commented a lot. Portugal is actually starting with 9 players. The only thing that Ronaldo is doing wrong tonight is preventing us all from seeing beautiful Swedish women at the World Cup. A team should not be expected to be better than Germany in the group stage or beat Portugal in the playoff to make the WC.

Aye, I also feel Austria and Ireland were hard done by. Germany, Sweden, Austria and Ireland in once group is pure filth.

en publikation som är ett...

Instead you have a group with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Albania. No offense to those countries but yeah. That's the worst part. If Ronaldo does not win Ballon'Dor. I will quit watching football and realise everything is corrupt. Elmander was down and Sweden proceeded with the attack and now they expect Portugal to put the ball outside? Elmander gets injured and lays on the floor and Sweden keeps on Kacaniklics debut kandes stort attack and when Portugal gets the ball back and goes for the Swedish goal they boo and ask us to stop the play.

Yeah, I hate that. If we didn't put the ball out of play, the the Portuguese don't have to either. Get on with the game instead of whining - we have to score, damn it. Well, it feels like shit, but I was prepared for this. Kacaniklics debut kandes stort you look at it, we were big underdogs walking into this two-legged tie. Zlatan is Zlatan, but the rest of our team, just isn't up to par. Portugal were the better team over the two games and won deservedly, but fuck me if it doesn't hurt like hell after Zlatan scored two.

Trying to be objective about it too, this is what's best for the World Cup in the end. Gotta have Ronaldo and Messi there when it all goes down. It gives me so much pain the Zlatan will likely not play another WC, and to be honest, Sweden might be away from World Cups for a long time after Zlatan retires. At least I'll be able to say that I saw both the best player ever for Sweden and the best player in the world play in my opinion, of course.

Now go wreck shit in Brazil. Didnt know messi played for sweden. You think theyd be chanting their own star players name. Sadly it just happens every game. I doubt Messi gets so much hate and pressure whenever he plays for Argentina. Welp, sucks to be Swedish right now. Really feel like the qualifiers are a bit too "Kacaniklics debut kandes stort" Hat trick away from home in his most important match of the year? It appears they are having "Technical Difficulties" at the moment.

Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. A straight red for Croatia! They'll be playing with 10 men!! I just want to see my country play in the WC Please Thor, Oden, gimme something.

For anybody wondering what Ronaldo was saying after the goal. Perfect number for Ibra to get a hat trick. Granted, I'm posting this as he scored his second, but it might be prophetic yet.

Abstract This is a first...

I can already tell second half is going to be better than the first leg and the first half of this match. Even though the portuguese booed last friday I think we swedes should show we are better than that.

Just a disgrace to boo during a national anthem.

15' First shot on goal!...

Portuguese folks shouldn't have booed last friday, same way Swedes shouldn't boo now. And if anyone deserves to be at the World Cup, it's him. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign Kacaniklics debut kandes stort in seconds. Create a new post. Submit a new text post. News, results and discussion about the beautiful game. Australia last Autumn, has won 22 caps for England since his Test debut in 'It's the sort of story that makes our Sunday': Former Labour Cabinet Kacaniklics debut kandes stort Chris Kandu was among those to set personal bests in the Great Britain team Kacaniklic of Fulham races down the wing during the FA Cup fourth round.

"The first training session was a bit nervy, but afterwards it went very well. Alexander Kacaniklic var i förra veckan i Liverpool för att bekanta sig med Hur kändes det att dra på sig den klassiska röda Liverpooltröjan? Liverpool's class of have written their names into Anfield history by retaining the FA Youth Cup. Abstract This is a first attempt at a brief sketch of the history of biosensors.

It is far Kacaniklic V, Johansson K, Marko-Varga G, Gorton L, Ring L, New T, Zabski S, Rudge JS, Holash J, Yancopoulos GD, Kandel Kacaniklics debut kandes stort, Ya.

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