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Jag dejtar bara kanda man


Hi Kelly and welcome to Sweden! What was your first impression of Sweden when you arrived here?

”Jag dejtar inte bara kända...

In what ways have your life changed after you won American Idol? What are you goin to do here in sweden? Anything where we can see you perform.? What does it takes to be an Idol, in the whole picture? Is Kelly Clarkson your real namne, or is it just the namne you use as a singer?

Do you know who Darin is? He was in the swedish Idol last year. And he loves your music. Now you are a superstar, are there alot of pressure in the superstar world?

Do you have a special goal in life that you want to achieve before you die?

Vad passar dig?

I think you totally rock! Almost every song that you sing feels like a perfect description of MY life! Where do you get your inspiration from?

”Han är jättetrevlig”

Good luck in the future! And if which university? I really like your style. I just wonder what made you decide to become a blonde? You look great, but I think that you were more beautiful as a brunet. I love the songs I've heard from you, but they all seems to Jag dejtar bara kanda man about unhappy love and breakups? My question is what is your plans for the future? And Kelly your new song is sooo good!

Det här är John Cusack!

Keep on going GIRL. I'm a big fan of yours.

De tyngsta sporträttigheterna. Live!

Is it frightening to be on stage when several thousen people is there? I relly want to thanks fore the song Since U Been Gone,It relly help me when Jag dejtar bara kanda man boyfriend breaked up whit me!: It has made me a stronger person!: I was wondering if you will come back to Sweden any time soon and have a Concert. För oss på Sony Music handlar det inte bara om att skapa ny musik och sprida den, bästa musikbolag och arbetsplats inom branschen, kända för vår innovation, men här kommer några utvalda roller på bolaget som vi vill berätta mer om.

EXTRA: Nässjöolycka – en person till sjukhus | Höglandsnytt Känd Nässjöbo misstänkt för grovt våldsbrott · SLAKTAD – Nässjömamma. I understand.

Massor av kända barnserier. Film....

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