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Measuring the performance of people, especially managers and senior executives, presents a perennial conundrum. Yet measuring, let alone strengthening, the capabilities that help companies thrive over the long haul is difficult. What risks to take and avoid?


Which people to "Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid," and how? Because of all this, few companies manage people in ways that effectively assess their contributions to corporate health or reward them for Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid it. When companies do try, they often end up using metrics that are discretionary, weighted less heavily than traditional measures of performance, or applied inconsistently.

But it makes little sense to apply the same health test to a media relations specialist for whom meeting new people is an essential part of the role. Managers and others quickly recognize flaws such as these and respond accordingly. While the specific measures of health that organizations employ will ultimately be unique to them, the principles outlined here should be applicable to any company. The processes for handling such issues are second nature to most companies. In principle, the same should go for incorporating measures of organizational health.

In reality, however, the organizational processes and mechanisms companies employ may well send mixed messages about the importance of health and even undercut it.

High-hazard companies, for example, have had to do just that in the wake of much-publicized accidents and subsequent pressure from regulators and consumers for improved safety. One such company started by conducting an audit of critical roles across the organization and compiling a list of all the key safety-related competencies required for each of them.

The goal was not only to ensure that workers had the necessary technical know-how and leadership skills but also to spot HR processes, systems, or managerial-training programs the company needed to change so that problems identified at the line level could be traced to their roots.

It was one thing for the company to add more realistic emergency scenarios that line managers and their teams could act out together, another to insist that the new approach be taken seriously.

Managers who struggled with the new simulations were therefore removed from their roles until they improved, even if their previous track record of operational safety had been impeccable. Getting organizations to assess and compensate managers on their contributions to health, and to view this issue as a deal Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid or maker in promotion decisions, often requires a significant shift in company culture.

Strong support from the CEO and executive team is a must. The high-hazard company began to succeed with its new corporate-health agenda only when senior executives who personified the new ethic—longer-term performance as the priority—were promoted. Only then did employees start to believe the change was real.


Changing promotion criteria is, of course, difficult at the best of times but particularly so if no one is ready to replace existing role holders. Prioritize values Identifying the right values requires discussion and debate, informed by extensive engagement with a range of employees, among senior leaders.

Organizations conducting such discussions are beginning to create metrics that shed light on how well employees respond to particular health-related values. Leaders of a global pharmaceutical and consumer goods company, for example, prioritized a number of values, such as treating others with respect, behaving with integrity, and managing for the long term.

To give managers a qualitative basis for evaluating the way employees upheld these values, the company began introducing clearly defined standards of leadership in each of them. In addition to gauging business results, the standards include the qualitative measurement of softer skills, like developing organizations and people, mastering complexity, and focusing on customers and market conditions. The moves are helping to create a common language for discussing how the company gets results, not just what they should be.

Airlines too depend on their values. All airlines must prioritize safety to succeed, but to embed this important ingredient of long-term health, many voluntarily go beyond what regulators require.

Some create detailed performance-management metrics to dig into the nature of key interactions that a company values highly—for example, to see how well flight crews work together to solve problems or how pilots and flight attendants interact.

Rooting out excessive hierarchy in such relationships is important because flight attendants are often the first to spot in-flight troubles and must therefore feel empowered to respond decisively. The pilots of one Middle East—based airline frequently write incident reports that candidly raise concerns, questions, and observations about potential hazards.

The reports are anonymous and circulate internally, so that pilots can learn from one another and improve—say, in handling a particularly tricky approach at an airport or dealing with a safety procedure. The resulting conversations reinforce the safety culture of this airline and the high value it places on collaboration.

Emphasizing health-related values can be particularly important in turbulent times. During a significant change-management effort, executives at a North American manufacturer codified a list of leadership values for which it would hold managers accountable.

These included softer values, such as putting people first and teamwork, along with more traditional performance-related goals, such as continuous improvement and drive for results. The effort sent employees an important signal that management was serious about changing how the company worked. Keep it simple—but meaningful A final principle companies should embrace when trying to improve organizational health is simplicity. Companies sometimes try to impose a comprehensive set of health measures on each employee, though a handful of well-chosen ones would suffice.

Similarly, a professional-services firm we studied introduced a suite of health-related metrics so complicated and bureaucratic that few employees took Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid seriously. Best-practice manuals delivered from on high tend to be ignored or scorned. By contrast, the best companies encourage business units to play a meaningful role in determining how to translate health-related goals into a handful of metrics on which to act.

Here again, simplicity is essential. For example, one oil and gas company links incentives associated with big capital projects to their operational results two to three years after launch. Once companies develop the right handful of health metrics, define the behavior that supports them, and implement assessments of the willingness of employees to practice that behavior, the final step is Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid that their compensation reflects contributions to health.

This should be true for senior executives as well—indeed, we believe that organizational health warrants more consideration in executive-level compensation decisions than it often receives.

Of course, the balance between health and performance will vary by company and context. But in our view, companies should start with the expectation that health-related considerations are just as important as performance-related ones. Some companies may go so far as to base monetary compensation equally on contributions to performance and health as a European bank recently did.

Others focus more on nonfinancial rewards—in particular, for employees in technical disciplines. Given the proven power of nonmonetary incentives to drive positive behavior, such moves are wise and worth investigating further. By starting to think about individual performance in the light of the three core principles discussed here, Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid can start spotting ways to make sure their people-management systems are built for the long haul.

McKinsey Quaterly, September Authors: Toby Gibbs and Suzanne Heywood About the authors: Disagreement can happen in any setting. You can disagree with your neighbor in cubicleville. You can disagree with your boss or initiate a discussion with a coworker over lunch. But, many disagreements occur during meetings — or they should.

The reason organizations hold meetings is so that employees can engage each other in discussion. Otherwise, why hold a meeting? Meetings are for discussion, decisions, and commitments. You have no reason to attend the meeting or participate on the team if Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid are unwilling to discuss your opinions and agree or disagree with the opinions of your fellow attendees.

To work on tasks and action items? Or, to think, innovate, plan, and disagree. In fact, healthy disagreement is one of the hallmarks of a successful team. When constructive discussion and disagreement is absent, and apathy is the norm, you have a dysfunctional team or meeting. Keeping all of this in mind plus the discussion about workplace culture in my earlier article about how to disagree, here are my fifteen best tips for successful disagreement.

Pick your battles wisely. If you disagree about everything, your coworkers will see you as argumentative and disagreeable. So, pick areas that affect outcomes and that are substantial, meaningful, and important.

When speaking, at any point in a disagreement, stay calm. Your successful disagreement depends on it. Disagreement should not be personal.

Identify the components that you agree with and acknowledge that you can understand or see why she might feel the way she does. Open your disagreement by repeating what the other party said rather than launching into your areas of disagreement first. Help the person feel as if he was listened to, heard out, and understood. Be respectful of your coworkers. Disagreement can be cordial, yet candid and effective. Another was always on the attack. He saved up his ammunition and hit his coworkers with everything he had in his arsenal on occasion.

Neither were successful and their professional reputations suffered. Understand what your coworker needs, fears, and hopes to obtain through the solution. If you identify what is at stake in the issue, the problem solving, the recommendation, or project, you are more likely to connect with your coworker to successfully disagree.

Ask questions like these: What has to occur for you to comfortably support a solution? Are you comfortable with any aspects of my suggestion? Only speak for yourself.

In a client company, freelance writers interact on a forum. I found myself regularly annoyed by one colleague, who posts regularly. It took me awhile to figure out the problem, but once I did, I now see it in just about every post. She consistently tries to speak for all of the freelancers. Or, in the Analytiker varumarket skadas for en kortare tid of your coworker, the individual might see it as ganging up on her.

Your coworker may also become distracted from the actual topic of the discussion as she pursues who we is. So, using the word we or any equivalent is unlikely to help with disagreement.

Step back from your job and how you perform a particular activity. You must be open to new ideas and different ways of approaching problems.

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You can have a disagreement with coworkers without making them feel like what they value or think is wrong. The authors wish to thank John Fisher and Robin Riedel for their contributions to the development of this article.

Speak to common interests and needs. The pilots of one Middle East—based airline frequently write incident reports that candidly raise concerns, questions, and observations about potential hazards.

You want to make sure that your relationship with your colleague is intact. When constructive discussion and disagreement is absent, and apathy is the norm, you have a dysfunctional team or meeting. A slow economy has left everyone with a motivation hangover now that the punchbowl of more money, more rewards, and more things has been removed.

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Commit to the culture journey. Similarly, a professional-services firm we studied introduced a suite of health-related metrics so complicated and bureaucratic that few employees took them seriously. Would you like to learn more about creating an environment high in employee work passion? It took me awhile to figure out the problem, but once I did, I now see it in just about every post.

State the facts if you have any and share your knowledge.

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