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Berg in och guidetti ut


Please refresh the page and retry. Just 18 seconds between Germany facing the very real prospect of exiting a World Cup at the first hurdle for the first time in 80 years and dealing the cruelest of blows to an impressive Sweden side who were left to nurse a sense of injustice on a spellbinding night in Sochi.

Just 18 seconds between Joachim Low fearing the curse of recent world champions might soon extend to his side and the German bench sparking fury among their Swedish counterparts by celebrating wildly on the touchline.

T he clock read Instead, they can guarantee their progress Berg in och guidetti ut the last 16 when they face South Korea in Kazan on Wednesday by bettering Sweden's result against Mexico. For 45 minutes, Germany had been desperate, second best to a Sweden team who were sharper, faster and hungrier.

Yet there was always the feeling that those misses, and the penalty controversy, could come back to haunt the Swedes and so it would prove. They simply never know when they are beaten. I t was a riveting game. The first half alone would be worthy of a study Berg in och guidetti ut how to perfectly execute a counter- attacking game plan against opponents who seek to monopolise possession. Defensive strategists the world over will have marvelled at the way Sweden soaked up German pressure and then pounced on their mistakes with Berg in och guidetti ut raids on the transition.

They were as controlled and compact as those spaces left by Germany were alarming. Germany may have won it but South Korea will watch this, and the Mexico game, and know the world champions can be got at. There are clear weaknesses to exploit, not least their sluggishness dealing with sides who transition so quickly when they win the ball.

And what a goal it was. They had other chances, too. You sensed it could all come back to bite Sweden, even when Boateng was dismissed, and it did in the most heartbreaking fashion.

We'll see you then for our live coverage of all the big games, including England's attempts to beat Panama. When he was sent off, Germany played better. Personally, I can see where the Boateng criticism comes from but he's a key component of Low's attempts to play positional football high up the pitch.

He's meant to be a play-maker in this side and if the things he'd attempted actually worked, would have looked like a total star.

Ola Toivonen has thanked him...

Instead he was full of mistakes At Man City a full-back comes into midfield to prevent the counter-attack but their's are wide. I like that Boateng and Germany are trying something a little different. If it works it'll keep opposition teams pinned back but at the moment they are just simply too offensive and are leaving massive gaps.

That brings us back to the old chess dilemma though. The thinking is that if you bring an attacking mentality to the game you will dominate as you restrict the counter-attack options of your opponent. I could go into this for hours, so let's stop. That's the first thing you learn! I really enjoyed the game. We've criticised Berg in och guidetti ut, we've slagged Germany off, they were awful but they stuck at it, brilliant drama - I loved it.

T here was a bit of a ruckus on the touchline once Kroos' goal went in with Sweden's manager particularly upset about something. T hat was utterly brilliant. Sweden defended heroically but just couldn't hang on and to be fair to them, that stunning Kroos goal from a free-kick was the kind you just can't do anything about. I cannot imagine how gutted Sweden fans feel I can, I'm Scottish but that is Berg in och guidetti ut simply breathtaking way to win.

Never write off the Germans! Kroos touches the free-kick, Reus stops Berg in och guidetti ut and Kroos bends a brilliant, powerful, bending shot into the top corner!

That is "Berg in och guidetti ut" unbelievable. L ast chance for Germany. They go from goalkeeper to Sweden's half. Werner takes on his man This will be the last passage of play of the game. Kroos and Reus are over the ball. These set pieces haven't worked so far Brandt absolutely launches an effort from 20 yards and it pings back off the post and lands at the feet of Werner.

But he can only turn it over the bar! He was offside anyway. They have men over here - Germany are in trouble! The linesman's flag has saved them. Two minutes left of this one for Germany to find a winner. O lsen punches away when he could catch. Germany have everyone inside the Sweden half, the deepest player is Rudiger and he's 20 yards from the halfway line! Rudiger goes to ground way too easily for my liking and wins a cheap free-kick at half way as Sweden keep the ball for a bit.

Germany win a corner. M uller is wide right, tries to hit a low cross into the box and ends up punting it out for a throw-in. Brandt is fouled wide left - this is a dangerous position for a set piece, or it would be if Germany were able to win aerial battles against a strong, tall Sweden side. H ector off, Brandt on. That means Germany have Kimmich - who has been a right winger all game - and Rudiger left defending.

Kroos has been acting as a third centre-back all night so he'll be involved. Sweden are defending so well here, there's just no space for Germany to exploit.

A nd now there's confirmation that the referee was waiting for the victim of Boateng's foul which wasn't overly or at all malicious by the way to get to his feet before showing Boateng the second yellow.

Buying some time to think seems like a sensible approach. This game is amazing. The ball is put into the area but Germany manage to survive - somehow - and Sweden have a corner. It goes out for a goal kick. VAR can't intervene for yellow card decisions but assistant referees can Replays seem to show that's the right call anyway!

The referee changes his mind - VAR? G ermany's forwards are just standing occupying these positions as the ball is moved around the pitch. W erner then finds space inside the box and meets a cross from wide right That is a HUGE chance. Oooooohhhh Boateng has gone flying into a tackle from Berg in och guidetti ut and that should be a yellow! The referee says no. S weden take their time over a goal kick, hump it long and Berg fouls Kimmich near his own box.

John Guidetti comes Berg in och guidetti ut for Toivonen. D urmaz has an instant impact, winning a corner with his first involvement. The corner is swung in, some players go down in the box and a shot from distance is well saved by Neuer.

S weden are finding it difficult to play their way out from the back but Germany are so keen to win the ball back that they keep conceding fouls and handing Sweden much needed time. How long until this man makes an appearance? Germany might not need him! Werner is in on the left, he gets to the line and fires across goal but nobody can turn it in!

Toivonen handballs 35 yards out. K roos stands over the free-kick. It goes wide, Kimmich has to pass back and Gundogan crosses. Reus has a hopeful shot blocked, Germany start from the back after a throw-in. B ad mistake by Kroos. He passes across the pitch and it's easily intercepted but Sweden can't take advantage and Kimmich catches up quickly.

The ball is soon in Neuer's gloves and he sends Germany on their way. They took too long to put passes together and Sweden can get back into a defensive shape. Forsberg does brilliantly to hold the ball up and win a free-kick.

Victor Nilsson Lindelöf ut sjuk...

Boateng is booked for the fouk. H ere come Germ any again. Werner wide left, Kroos takes it on and puts the ball to the edge of the box. It comes back, he chips across the box and Kimmich crosses That's a dreadful miss!

O lsen punches a cross from right away, Germany try to keep up the pressure but eventually Sweden finally get the ball and try to just keep it for a while. T he ball drops for Kroos on the edge of the area, he sets up the shot and hits it Kroos takes, it's Berg in och guidetti ut away and Sweden boot the ball up the pitch. Neuer is 40 yards off his line again to start the passing move. CleanÖstersund ser ut att värva Premier League-veteran, Tilläggstid. Clean Special: M.

Olsson, Guidetti, Granqvist, K. Olsson, Tilläggstid.

CleanÖstersund ser ut att värva...

Kiese Berg in och guidetti ut, Andreas Granqvist, Ola Toivonen, Viktor Claesson, Marcus Berg, Sebastian Larsson. Så här kan den nya landslagstruppen se ut då. Anfallare: Isaac Kiese Thelin, John Guidetti, Christoffer Nyman, Carlos Strandberg. Knackar. Ken Sema. – Klart att Ken blev besviken och ledsen över detta, säger Andersson i Janne Andersson tog ut 23 man i sin trupp. Han har i Anfallare. Marcus Berg, Al Ain. Ola Toivonen, Toulouse.

John Guidetti, Alaves.

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