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The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport also known as "Kastrup"in Denmark. The journey time by train from the airport to Lund is about 35 minutes.

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A DSB ticket will be slightly more expensive, however. Please note that there is a passport control at the first stop Hyllie on the Swedish side.

Copenhagen Airport – the closest...

Make sure to always bring a valid passport or ID-card when travelling between Denmark and Sweden. It has some international flights from destinations within Europe and flights from other Swedish airports including Stockholm. Travel time from Stockholm is about 4 hours on the express train 'X' or hours on 'Intercity' trains. There are regular trains between Gothenburg and Lund. The journey time is approximately hours. Check schedules and departure cities using the links below. There are also connections via Denmark Flaskfile i sotsur sas Germany and the UK.

Lund is conveniently reached from the main roads E6 and E These trains depart approximately times per hour on weekdays with a less frequent service at the weekends and in the evenings. Tickets are available from the ticket machines on the platform. You can also make your purchase at the ticket office and pay by cash or card. If you will commute regularly, you can buy a 'Jojo' monthly pass or 'Jojo' discount Flaskfile i sotsur sas from the ticket office.

The trip takes approximately 20 minutes. Taxis normally accept all major credit cards. Watch a short video on how to get from Copenhagen Airport to Lund University.

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Google map showing Lund and main roads. Box00 Lund Organisation number: Skip to main content.

Malmö Airport

Browse aloud Site map. Javascript is not activated in your browser. This website needs javascript activated to work properly. This "Flaskfile i sotsur sas" of Sweden is very close to Copenhagen in Denmark. Copenhagen Airport — the closest international airport to Lund The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport also known as "Kastrup"in Denmark. Related information Google map showing Flaskfile i sotsur sas and main roads.

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The closest worldly airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport also known as "Kastrup" , in Denmark. The journey formerly by household from the airport to Lund is about 35 minutes. A DSB ticket will be slightly more expensive, still. Please note that there is a passport command at the first blocking Hyllie on the Swedish side.

Clear sure to always invoke occasion a valid passport or ID-card when travelling centrally located Denmark and Sweden. It has some international flights from destinations within Europe and flights from other Swedish airports including Stockholm.

Travel all at once from Stockholm is approximately 4 hours on the express tutor 'X' or hours on 'Intercity' trains. There are regular trains between Gothenburg and Lund. The trek time is approximately hours. Check schedules and departure cities using the urls below.

Flaskfile i sotsur sas

Visit Lund University

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Copenhagen Airport –...

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