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As you know, Robert gave his first gaggle off camera yesterday and he did a terrific Namn och nytt steve revees. I had the pleasure of sitting in the back of the room for the first time during a briefing, and boy was it intimidating sitting all the way back there and hearing all of your questions.

But you did a fantastic job yesterday. You did a fantastic job yesterday. It was an annual meeting that was held at the White House. It was also attended by Ivanka Trump. The event is typically chaired by the Secretary of State, but for the first time ever the President attended that event as well. The Vice President underscored the United States has never been more committed to helping our Central American neighbors tackle the security and economic challenges driving illegal immigration and to building a more prosperous future for the region.

As Secretary Pompeo noted this morning, we must all work together to secure our borders, to protect our citizens, and increase opportunities for legitimate businesses to invest in the region. For our part, we know that if our partners in Central America are stronger, the United States will be stronger as well.

And many of you "Namn och nytt steve revees" recall last year, a little bit of a controversy with the Afghan robotics team. Eventually those gals were brought into the United States. This year they came back. As you may remember, they earned a silver medal at the first global challenge in Washington last summer for a robot that uses solar energy to support small-scale farms in Afghanistan. Well, congratulations to them.

Can we start with the whole Jamal Khashoggi case? One, is just generally, is there anything new that you can report "Namn och nytt steve revees" us on what your understanding of what happened to him is? So to take the second part of your question first, whether or not there are investigators on the ground.

The United States Government has offered its support to the Turkish Government to provide law enforcement assistance to the Turkish Government. We do have that. They handle State Department matters only. As we have said from the beginning, we are not certain about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi.

The Secretary released a statement earlier this week. The Vice President has talked about this. The President has talked about this. We are all concerned about his whereabouts. As you can see, anytime you turn on the news or you open the newspaper there is a lot of speculation, and there are a ton of rumors out there.

We are making determinations and watching this for facts. And so we are going to hold back on our comments until we have concrete information that the U. Is this something that you might be involved in or is it something that you would welcome? And then secondly, I just wanted to follow up on a question I asked Robert yesterday.

I can also add another piece of information, that we have communicated with the Saudi ambassador to the United States. We have said to him that we expect information upon his return to the United States. When and if we have additional information to bring you, we will bring it to you Namn och nytt steve revees away.

That was not at our direction. I mean, look, the U. Government is extremely concerned about this situation.

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This has the highest attention at the highest levels of the United States Government. I just want to know, have you told him that, look, when you get back here you better have a — you better have an explanation for We would like some information.

Yesterday I asked Robert and other people did too about this — reports about intelligence that you guys may or may not — or reports that you did have intelligence that there would be some — there might be some harm that came to him.

He gave a kind of cryptic answer at first, said that you had no advance notice of his disappearance. So I just want to clarify. Does that you mean you had no advance notice of — or no intelligence or any "Namn och nytt steve revees" about anything that might or possibly could happen to him at the consulate? Almost never do you hear us talk about matters of intelligence here at the State Department.

An investigation is underway. I have nothing Namn och nytt steve revees add beyond what Robert said yesterday here from that podium. But we are going to let this investigation take place. The United States Government will continue to offer its support.

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We will provide information based on facts, based on information that we have. Thank you very much. I just want to come back to the Saudi ambassador. Or was he recalled? And so the message from the U.

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We will let that investigation play out. I know there are a lot of people who want answers at this point, understandably so. Is that above what the Secretary as Namn och nytt steve revees as Bolton then discussed with the crown prince yesterday? Look, obviously we have multiple agencies and departments in the United States Government that are paying close attention to this issue. Heather, do you know if the Saudi ambassador left because of this incident, or was he planning on going When you come back, provide us a report, provide us a readout of what you've learned.

I don't have any information for you on that. But we've had exchanges at multiple Namn och nytt steve revees at the State Department. He asked just one part of my question, but the other question was: Reporters Without Borders requested or asked that the UN step in to have an investigation into this. Is that something that the U. I'm not aware of it. That's the first I'm hearing of it, so I don't have any comment on it. Heather, just the reaction on the Hill? There have been some calls on the Hill already saying that arms assistance, for example, defense assistance should be at risk because of this.

The President spoke about that today.

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Is it the position of the State Department that that's not on the table, that This is entirely a hypothetical situation at this point.

We don't know what happened. We want to learn what happened. The President has said that. The Secretary of State has said that. Ambassador Bolton has said that as well. Also about the Hill. Republican senators yesterday were going and looking at U. Barbara, I wouldn't have — I would not have anything on that. Which is one clarifying question as well. Khashoggi's immigration status is. Very quickly on the Palestinian issue.

One, recognizing that we have a strong partner that is a democracy, that is prosperous. It is a country that desires peace.

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Something that you all will appreciate, they have a free press and a very vibrant press at that, and a free market economy. Those are all good things that we look to when we see other nations around the world that are stable that we look to as sort of a beacon of hope in that sense. Namn och nytt steve revees I think that's exactly what the Secretary was referring to in his speech. It occupies another people. It has checkpoints all over whole territory.

It does all kinds of terrible things — confiscates land, does all kind of things. You are telling the It is a fact that they have a free press. It is a fact that they have a free market economy that is strong.

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