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Natosoldat dodad i afghanistan

Artikel i Independent: We want...

Irakierna vill ha Saddam tillbaka och afghanerna talibanerna tillbaka. De traditionella religionerna i Afghanistan var buddhism och zoroastrism. Om ni inte visste: De flesta av talibanerna i maktposition var inte ens afghaner. Ah, but no, this Natosoldat dodad i afghanistan just the apparent reality: Besides which those dastardly Iranians were not nice to them, as the New York Times reports: They were separated, stripped, put in pajamas and laced in small stone cells in complete isolation.

The Times continues with this narrative of unbearable torture: Felix Carman, 26, of the Royal Navy said. If we admitted we had strayed, we would be on a plane back to the U. Whatever happened to the old practice of refraining from giving the enemy any information except for name, rank, and serial number — or is that gone completely out of fashion?

Their status was similar to the millions of illegal aliens in the United States who slip into the country without papers or any other kind of authorization. When the American Immigration and Naturalization Service picks these people up, and detains them, does Mexico threaten the U.

Iran, however, is apparently a different matter. Will we soon see boat-loads of British soldiers and sailors rushing to surrender to the Iranians, just to get out of the Iraqi hellhole — with the Americans not far behind? Faye Turney, the year-old blabbermouth who wrote no fewer than three letters during her 13 days of captivity two of Natosoldat dodad i afghanistan criticizing British foreign policycould garner as much aspounds from a sweet deal involving a newspaper and ITV.

All together, the faint-hearted fifteen could scarf up as much aspounds between them. None of the parents who have lost loved ones in Iraq have sold their stories.

Svenska insatsen i Afghanistan är...

Natosoldat dodad i afghanistan, the fifteen have been accused of acting like reality stars, and that, it seems to me, explains why they acted as they did in Tehran. This would all be a big joke, but for the sinister reality of yet another war looming in the Gulf — and the dark shadow of Uncle Sam lurking in the background, threatening, provoking, and champing at the bit, as the Guardian reports, to get in on the action: Diplomatic sources said that, Pentagon officials offered a series of military options, including for US combat aircraft to mount aggressive patrols over Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases.


Britain told the Pentagon Natosoldat dodad i afghanistan calm the situation by staying out of it and tone down military exercises in the Gulf. And if not next time, then the time after that. Iran-Contra Crimes Revisited ]. Twitter Twitter follow me on Twitter.

Kolla in Manifest Tidsskrift! Artikel i Independent: We want the Taliban back, say ordinary Afghans för en plötslig död - det må vara för en självmordbombares eller en natosoldats hand.

Afganistan pm_nlp_sverige Afghanistaninsats nn_0u_månsing Afghanistan nn_2u_nyckel dödande av_i_diverse dödande nn_0n_syre död av_1_bred döda NATO pma_nog_fn Nato pm_nop_efta Natosoldat nn_3u_karbid nätporr. Svenska insatsen i Afghanistan är Sveriges bidrag till de internationella öka den svenska militära insatsen i Afghanistan till soldater mot den tidigare .

Svenska Dagbladet () SSG-soldat dödad på spaningsuppdrag läst.

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