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Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar


Det var egentligen helt fel tid att byta manager i somras. Det visar sig som sagt att dom verkligen inte vet mycket om fotboll.

Det visar sig verkligen. Allt annat vore rent vansinnigt. FSG har lyft fram dom hela tiden. Aldrig vinna PL, aldrig vinna CL. Han har NOLL erfarenhet av att leda en storklubb. Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar ens som assisterande har han erfarenhet av det. Han kan vara mycket bra men det vet vi inte. Inget stort namn hade gjort det, inget. Ung som att snacka om Supercupfinalen lr Community Shields.

Vill ha resultat -NU! Yet again, infighting and absurdity reign in L4. Neither looks like a goals-a-season man. Unless, that is, a free agent can be found. The names that have been bandied round make Dempsey, at 29, look like a whippersnapper.

spelare han verkligen ville behålla...

That they struggled to find clubs was for a reason. The angst at Anfield was mirrored by mirth elsewhere. There is a presumption that the American owners did not want to spend money, leaving Rodgers short of manpower and firepower.

The sad truth is different. Liverpool entered September with unspent cash in the transfer kitty. It will be a long four months before that war chest can be invested in players. How did this happen?

Fotbollskanalens krönikör Olof Lundh intervjuar...

Who is to blame? It is hard to point the finger at an individual. This was cock-up by committee. Once Rodgers was appointed in early summer, it was always going to be a window of transition. Dirk Kuyt, Maxi Rodriguez and Craig Bellamy all left the club, their fading talents making it sensible to move them on.

But with them left goals. It was crucial to add more. Rodgers, like all managers, wanted to reshape the squad in his own image.

”Fantastisk modestad”

It is only right that he feels that way. He will take responsibility for results and should build around players he trusts. Even so, it was a big mistake to signal to the rest of football that Andy Carroll was surplus to requirements. Across the game, Liverpool have developed a reputation for buying high, selling low and overpaying players. It predates FSG and is one of the big issues they need to address.

It did not place the club in a position of strength in a marketplace where any sign of weakness will cost you millions. There were others that Rodgers did not want: Their main contribution was helping to get Kenny Dalglish the sack. It would be easier for Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar huckster to sell the Brooklyn Bridge than to shift Cole.

FSG have struggled to come to terms with football — as John W. Henry, the principal owner, admitted to fans in his letter this week. Yet FSG have always had a clear vision about what sort of business they would like to do in the transfer market. They are keen on young players with potential resale value. This clarity of thought from Boston has been obscured by poor choices in employing the men to implement it.

Damien Comolli overpaid for even the young players he bought. Eventually he was found out. But FSG believes it was the person, rather than the policy, that was flawed. The owners were less keen on Dempsey than the manager. They struggled to accept that the only significant goalscoring target of the summer was the Fulham man.

There must be, they believed, younger strikers out there with potential to grow. They also knew that Carroll could not be allowed to leave before he was replaced by at least one forward.

Rodgers and Ian Ayre, the managing director, were expressly told that this situation should not happen. Which makes the last-week meltdown even more shocking. Rodgers looked to have won his battle when a deal "Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar" agreed with Fulham for Dempsey with Henderson going the other way. It fell apart when Henderson refused to go to London. It looked like Daniel Sturridge was heading for Anfield on an initial loan with a clause to buy after a season.

It was a bigger financial commitment than the Dempsey deal. As the transfer neared completion, Carroll went to West Ham. Then, at the last moment, Rodgers vetoed the move. One day was left in the window.

Dempsey appeared to be the only option. Unfortunately, Tottenham Hotspur made a bigger bid and Liverpool were left with egg on their face. It looked like Boston had forced the loan through. The fanbase went into uproar. Rodgers, like all managers, was desperate to get his man. However, he was clearly working to a different agenda to FSG.

This is the biggest worry for Liverpool in Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar future. The lines of communication failed. The owners cannot run the club — never mind a transfer window — from Boston. The need for strong leadership at Anfield is shown more starkly with every crisis that occurs. Ayre is not chief executive material.

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As football administrators go, Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar is a pygmy, even in an area that has few giants. He should have been the bridge between owners and manager.

So why did everyone drown last week? The things that stood out from it were the acceptance that FSG have made mistakes in their two years of ownership and the emphasis on the long-term health of the club.

Football is a tough business. Lots of things about it do not make sense — especially to someone with a background in American sport. The game here can be ugly and it encourages dishonesty and duplicity.

Forsberg ser ut att stanna:...

In the States, there are entirely different ethical problems for owners but dealings are much more transparent. FSG have not been hands-on enough.

They need a greater presence on Merseyside, or employ someone they trust to make the ownership work properly. There are signs that they recognise this.

Siktar på spel i Premier...

Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar Tom Werner, the chairman, was at the Premier League meeting yesterday and is one of the driving forces in trying to bring an extra level of Financial Fair Play to the top flight. Werner has allies in Manchester United and Arsenal — in matters of football politics, it is better to be on the same side as United than against them, as the Suarez incident showed.

Rumours have circulated that the Americans are looking for a buyer for Liverpool and that the cost-cutting of the summer was trimming the fat for a sale. There is no evidence for this and Henry, in particular, is desperate to make a success of the club. If that is to happen, the Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar between owners and manager needs to be fixed — and quickly.

However, even more than cash, the manager needs someone in the boardroom with the ability to convince Boston to go with his judgement. Equally, Anfield needs someone with the status to say no to the manager when Rodgers wants too much. They need to find the right man. Anfield has drifted for too long. Henry and FSG are not going anywhere. They will only spend in a manner they believe to be wise and this is no bad thing.

The letter, quite rightly, claimed the club is healthier now than when they arrived. They will be prudent. The manager had better get used to it, the fans too. Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar should be held to account for their mistakes but last week was about wider issues.

The learning phase is over. Vi vill informera dig om vår policy som beskriver hur vi behandlar personuppgifter och cookies. Stäng Janssons agent Martin Dahlin medger att det kan bli en flytt för Liverpool, Chelsea och Tottenham ska ha anmält intresse. Sen fick hon rollen, och vi gjorde filmen en sommar i Stockholms skärgård. Liverpool Tredje Dräkt Barn,Liverpool Sturridge Tröja,Billiga Liverpool Tredjetröja Efter att ha diskuterat idén med Liverpool Tredjetröja alla 20 klubbar på billigt med eget tryck korttidskontrakt - lämnar fri agent marknaden i slutet av Jose Mourinho inte längre vill ha några nya framåtriktningar under sommaren.

Fixture in Focus – Liverpool vs Manchester United Vissa av klubbarna följde honom redan under tiden i Malmö FF. honom senaste landskamperna och i Hoffenheim, säger hans agent André Filipe Filston Mawana har kontrakt med Hoffenheim till sommaren Mesut Özil uppges ha bestämt sig.

Det var egentligen helt fel tid att byta executive i somras. Det visar sig som sagt att dom verkligen inte scan mycket om fotboll. Det visar sig verkligen. Allt annat vore rental vansinnigt. FSG har lyft fram dom hela tiden.

Aldrig vinna PL, aldrig vinna CL. Han har NOLL erfarenhet av att leda en storklubb. Inte ens som assisterande har han erfarenhet av det.

Han kan vara mycket bra men det validate vi inte.



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Klantigt FSG

It is something which has been happening since the removal and subsequent unnecessary public criticism of Kenny Dalglish as manager and it was writ large in John W. Tony Barrett For a club who place so much emphasis on their own history, Liverpool have somehow allowed themselves to be drawn into a situation in which they all too easily rubbish their own past.

It was a bigger financial commitment than the Dempsey deal. Liverpool, whose decline now appears increasingly entrenched and who are yet to come up with a solution to their long-running stadium issues, have no-one. But a presence is an absolute necessity because, as Liverpool have found out to their cost, without one it is far too easy for dysfunction to set in and for problems that could be resolved, easily or otherwise, to lurch out of control.

However, he was clearly working to a different agenda to FSG.

Agenten liverpool vill ha honom i sommar

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Filston Mawana drar till sig intresse från europeiska storklubbar


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