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Forsvarsministern fick kritik


The ongoing campaign to oust the last critical voice from the Russian constituent republic of Chechnya is escalating. If Memorial, the last remaining human rights organisation on the ground, is forced to leave the republic, the local dictator Ramzan Kadyrov will have free rein to propagate a distorted, cleaned-up image of Chechnya.


If we do not want a new North Korea in the world, the politicians of the West must act forcefully, today. The ongoing campaign to oust the last critical voice from the Chechnya is escalating. If the human rights group Memorial is forced to leave, we will have few ways of knowing what human rights violations are committed in the republic.

Civil Rights Defenders invites you to a seminar Forsvarsministern fick kritik leading experts from Chechnya to examine the current human rights situation in region, the role played by Forsvarsministern fick kritik Russian Federation and what actions the international community can take in response to the situation.

The recent series of threats and harassment of Russian human rights group Memorial over their work in the Republic Forsvarsministern fick kritik Chechnya seem to have no end. The car is just a warning. Two unidentified men in masks have broken into and torched the Nazran office of Russian human rights organisation Memorial. Civil Rights Defenders condemns in the strongest terms the recent attacks and demands Russia put all efforts necessary into ensuring the security and safety of human rights defenders in the region.

On 26 October, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation will consider an appeal by two human rights lawyers. Civil Rights Defenders urges the Russian authorities to immediately cease the judicial harassment, which aims to punish the lawyers for their work to defend human rights. Anna Politkovskaya worked as a journalist at the investigative paper Novaya Gazeta and was internationally famous for her reports about human rights abuses in warn-torn Chechnya.

On 7 October she was gunned down in the elevator of her house in central Moscow. Forsvarsministern fick kritik the assassins have been sentenced, the investigation however, has never established who ordered this brazen murder. We demand that the Russian authorities immediately conduct a thorough investigation of the attack and respect their international obligations to protect human rights defenders.

The following day Chechen police raided the apartments of JMG employees confiscating computers, cameras and briefly detaining two members of staff. Exactly five years ago Natalia Estemirova, a prominent human rights defender Forsvarsministern fick kritik in Chechnya was brutally murdered. Although the Russian authorities have repeatedly vowed to bring her killers to justice there is still a pervasive reluctance to investigate the possible involvement of local law enforcement agencies in her murder.

The North Caucasus is situated only 70 miles from Sotji.

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A judge from the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic has ordered the withdrawal of a case after being blackmailed. This is the first "Forsvarsministern fick kritik" ever that a judge in Chechnya has publicly spoke out regarding the pressure upon judicial bodies. Chechnya has gained an infamous reputation when it comes to impunity for grave human rights abuses and the lack of an independent and transparent judiciary.

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This website prefers JavaScript to be enabled and may not function properly without it. Together we strengthen human rights defenders at risk Join us and support our work Donate now. Roine Carlsson gjorde sig allmänt känd, och fick kritik från marinofficerarna, när han kritiserade förslaget att marinen skulle köpa nya kustkorvetter: "Stora.

Så karaktäriseras Sveriges försvarsminister den kompakta kritik som riktats mot förslaget att Forsvarsministern fick kritik de som under julhelgen fick mycket kort tid på sig att lämna yttrande över Det vore bra om försvarsministern besinnade detta.

Försvarsministern avgår. Enligt Marca så fick Rosa för bara några få månader sedan sin Hårda kritiken: ”Förbjud det – väck med skiten!”.

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