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Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt


In testimony before the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, Yamamoto said, "It is incumbent upon Prime Minister Meles, his government and the various elements of the multifaceted opposition to demonstrate to the world, but, more importantly, to Ethiopians, the sincerity of their professed commitment to democracy through their actions as well as their words. The deputy assistant secretary called Ethiopia's May 15,election "historic" and said it "considerably enhanced the democratic consciousness of the people of Ethiopia.

Yamamoto said the ruling party won all 31 seats in that re-vote, even among constituencies where the opposition had won a significant majority during the May 15 balloting. Of even greater concern, he said, Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt the violence that erupted on June 8,and November 1,which led to the arrests of thousands of people after the elections and the detention of Coalition for Unity and Democracy and civil society leaders.

Following is the text of Yamamoto's statement, as prepared for delivery: SmithMarch 28,2: As Africa's second most populous nation, Ethiopia has an important part to play in enhancing the stability of East Africa.

The United States believes that democracy is the best form of government for stability -- in Africa and beyond. Free and transparent elections are the best vehicle for citizens to express their wishes and hold their governments accountable.

Democracy should be anything but a zero sum game. Over the last year, Ethiopians have been tempted by the twin promises of freedom and fairness. Expectations were high during last year's campaign season. This marked the first true multiparty election in Ethiopia's 3,year history. Results have been mixed, and hopes for progress have been chilled, as the government has clamped down on individuals' right to assemble and journalists' ability to report events. Meanwhile, several Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt opposition officials refused to take their seats in Parliament and have been arrested and charged with capital offenses.

In calling for last May's election, Prime Minister Meles moved his country forward. However, the intolerance that followed in the wake of the results and the opposition's response show that the country has more work to do in progressing toward true, mature democracy. And the peoples of Africa deserve the peace and freedom and opportunity that are the natural rights of all mankind. So do the American people and this Congress.

Democratic governments will naturally reflect the local cultures and traditions of voters, but this form of government is the single best way to account not only for the needs and wishes of large groups of people, but also for those holding minority viewpoints. Liberty improves lives, and fair elections and personal liberty protections are universal values. Our goal is to encourage all governments to be responsive to their people and respectful of human dignity.

The United States raises these points in the spirit of partnership. There is every reason to believe that Ethiopians want responsive leadership, and the U. Government supports the efforts of students and activists to have their voices heard. As President Bush said in the same speech last June, "All who live in Africa can be certain, as you seize this moment of opportunity, America will be your partner and your friend.

The pre-election assessment was impressive. Elections for the lower house featured 1, Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt competing for seats. Election observers from the United States U. The opposition parties, much to their own surprise -- and the shock of the ruling party -- earned the keys to Addis Ababa's City Hall on election day.

The ruling party acknowledged its loss in the capital, as well as losses in most of Ethiopia's other urban centers. The opposition managed to capture seats, mostly in urban areas. This was significantly more than the meager 12 seats it won in This success is tempered only by the fact that most Ethiopians reside in rural areas. The United States hailed the outcome of the May election as an affirmation of Ethiopia's political development. For the first time in their long history, Ethiopians had a democratic choice.

On election day and during the post-election period, there were reports of intimidation and harassment and that in some areas, ballot boxes had been improperly secured.

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From Junethe opposition raised questions about the results for seats. There was a general transportation strike in Addis Ababa Juneand violence led to the deaths of three-dozen and the arrest of over 3, people. The United States condemned the violence and cautioned that hate messages directed against other ethnic groups could further fracture the delicate ethnic balance within Ethiopia. Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Ambassador Aurelia Brazeal, worked with her colleagues from the British, Austrian, EU, and other embassies to broker an agreement on June 10 between the opposition and ruling parties to enhance political engagement and resolve seats under dispute.

On numerous occasions, the Assistant Secretary sent me to Addis Ababa to work with the Ethiopian Government and opposition groups in support of U.

Embassy efforts to encourage a reconciliation of differences between the opposition and the ruling parties, and to discuss ways to improve the political process with the Ethiopian government. We encouraged the opposition parties to take their seats in the Ethiopian Parliament and use their positions as parliamentarians to press for continued political reform and a greater voice for the opposition.

The opposition's stance evolved after May 15, Their unexpected political gains inspired the confidence to insist on more political control of the process, and they pressed for a review of the seats they lost to the EPRDF.

The Administration has encouraged dialogue between the government and opposition parties to resolve the dispute. The NEBE clearly requires significant assistance, as it works to build capacity and forge a constructive dialogue between the parties. It was unclear why some cases were rejected. According to the Carter Center, which monitored the election process along with the European Union, in one-third of the investigations they observed, witnesses appeared frightened or intimidated, and there was credible evidence of intimidation and harassment including beatings and briberies.

The Carter Center recommended that in this instance, and until the NEBE gains the maturity to resolve political disagreements, the opposition refer these cases to the High Court for adjudication. We commend the work of the Carter Center and note the important work that the European Union carried out under difficult conditions. On the overall assessment of the elections, we agree with the final report, which noted that the elections had credibility and that the majority Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt the constituency results based on the May 15 polling and tabulation are credible and reflect competitive conditions.

Our own assessments support this view. Despite our belief that elections results overall were generally credible, the United States was deeply concerned about the 31 seats that went to a re-vote on August The ruling party won all 31 seats, even among constituencies where the opposition had won a significant majority during May 15 balloting. Election observers noted that voters were perplexed as to why there was a re-vote and noted a dearth of information and increased presence of security forces at polling stations.

Of even greater concern was the violence that erupted on June 8 and November 1,that led to the arrests of thousands of people after the elections and the detention of CUD and civil society leaders.

We objected strongly to the violence and the detentions both publicly through several press statements and privately to the government and the opposition.

Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt particular concern to the United States are the early-November arrests of much of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy CUD leadership, along with prominent members of civil society, journalists, editors, and publishers.

After seven weeks in detention, the Ethiopian government charged individuals with capital offenses of "outrages against the constitution and constitutional order," and, in several cases, "treason" and "attempted genocide.

In addition to these leaders, Ethiopian authorities detained over 14, demonstrators, holding them for as much as nine Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt in detention camps far away from Addis Ababa. While public protests aimed at destabilizing the country are objectionable, there is no excuse for mass arrests and the use of lethal force against civilians who wish to express their opposition to their government.

It was a much-improved election overwhich had been a great improvement over the election. The United States is committed to ensuring that the elections build on the progress of the elections, in moving toward transparent elections, responsive government, and greater power sharing. That said, the post election problems point to the need for capacity building and further reform.

The Ethiopian government and opposition agree on that score.

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We are working to help both sides forge a common commitment to work collaboratively toward a shared goal of developing a more democratic political process. We recognize the need for capacity building to strengthen the electoral commission, foster international exchanges that broaden exposure to other political systems, enhance the open and transparent political process -- particularly with regard to Parliamentary procedures that ensure equal participation for opposition members, offer clear and detailed guidance regarding the electoral process, and encourage greater political debate and participation by members of the Ethiopian public.

Over the last year, we have encouraged the opposition parties to continue their political dialogue with the government about the necessity of reform. The Ethiopian citizens who have been detained without charge are of vital concern, and the Administration calls on the Government of Ethiopia to ensure a fair, transparent, and speedy trial for those charged, release of those who have not been charged, and protection of the human rights, health, and safety of all detainees while they remain in detention.

With the engagement of the EU and the Ethiopian government, the opposition and ruling parties have agreed to review parliamentary procedures, the capacity of the NEBE, media law, and the rule of law.

The Ethiopian government has also agreed to reviews of domestic political institutions by outside experts from Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt, India, Great Britain, and Canada. The United States will review the media law, and we are working with the EU to encourage elected opposition officials to take their seats in Parliament, and many are.

We pressed the Ethiopian government to conduct an independent investigation of the violence and the arrests of thousands of civilians in The completed report from the commission appointed by Parliament is expected soon. We continue to urge the government to apply expeditiously and justly the procedures of the Ethiopian legal process to the cases of the remaining detained CUD and civil society leaders. Resolution of the detention issue would fortify Ethiopia's developing democratic process.

These organizations can help with capacity building and political reform. All of these actions have been undertaken in support of good governance and the primacy of democracy. We believe Ethiopia is heading in the right direction; in order to ensure positive momentum, the United States and the international community needs to work with Ethiopia to cultivate and nurture this process.

It is incumbent upon Prime Minister Meles, his government, and the various elements of the multifaceted opposition to demonstrate to the world, but, more importantly, to Ethiopians, Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt sincerity of their professed commitment to democracy through their actions as well as their words.

The United States has a role, as a partner and friend, to help Ethiopia's leaders to choose the right path to secure peace, stability, freedom, and democracy for the Ethiopian people. Some interested groups, both within and beyond Ethiopian borders, seek to undermine what is best for the nation of Ethiopia, in favor of what they perceive to be the best for themselves.

They cast stones at their adversaries, while engaging in the Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt acts they accuse their rivals of pursuing. The challenge for the United States is to share with our Ethiopian partners -- the government, the opposition, civil society, and the broader public -- the lessons of America's own democratic experiment and impede the subversive effects of those who put their own objectives above those of the Ethiopian people.

Through diplomatic persuasion, the United States has succeeded in bringing together the government and some opposition groups for dialogue to establish a more equitable political environment that includes respect for the rule of law. The United States has supported efforts through which opposition members elected to the Addis Ababa city council sought to assume control of the capital city, in accordance with their electoral mandate.

The United States government remains hopeful that Ethiopia can achieve the democratic and development ideals that its people espouse. I am hopeful that Ethiopia's leaders will allow this to happen, and Ethiopia's friends in the United States stand by ready to help. Posted by khaled Abdu at Links to this post. Wednesday, March 29, childeren aged 15 forced to join army in Eritrea.


Reducing the age range for the national service of Eritrea! As a result of this new change in age soldiers have surrounded a number of schools and forced students aged 15 and more to join the army. This action was taken to stop the fleeing of Eritrean youth to the neighbouring countries but this has not resulted as the regime expected on the contarary the number of eritreans who crossed border in the last few weeks is as follows: This old father was sick in jail and was asked to pay 50, nakfa, but he couldn't pay that and as a result of the illness he died in the jail.

Posted by khaled Abdu Freivalds jag insag att det har ar omojligt 1: Eritrean communities in Europe play great role in disclosing the practices of the dictator regime.


En fullständig redovisning av IB:s framväxt och verksamhet är i dag magasinet Kalla Fakta ett inslag om att IB bedrivit inrikes- verksamhet i Peter Eriksson anmälde Carlsson och Laila Freivalds till KU. An- ledningen. Laila Freivalds och Göran Persson på presskonferensen. Det var då jag insåg: Det här är omöjligt, sade Freivalds på presskonferensen.

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