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Klopps liverpool mot champions league


Please refresh the page and retry. F or Jurgen Klopp there was that familiar creep of dread as he stood on the touchline with his team dominating the possession but running down the same blind alleys, and the cold realisation setting in that inevitably, inexorably Jose Mourinho was doing his thing. He got a man of the match performance from Ashley Young at left-back marking Mohamed Salah into anonymity, and he hit Liverpool where they were at their most vulnerable, a figurative elbow to the throat they never saw coming.

Twice the Belgian won critical headers, treating the Liverpool centre-half like an inconvenient backpack — a minor burden to Klopps liverpool mot champions league shouldered and carried around while he went about the true business of the day. Rashford, starting his first Premier League game ofpunished Liverpool in front of the watching Gareth Southgate, and the young full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold found himself twisted inside out for the first goal.

M ourinho was on a roll after that, calling out the home fans who groaned when Scott McTominay turned and passed the ball backwards in the second half, his manager enthusiastically applauding the decision from the touchline. With the faux-sincerity that Mourinho turns on full wattage in moments of triumph he also said that he did not mind the fans booing his substitution of Rashford — although one can only assume he did not mean a word of it.

All in all, the Manchester United manager was thoroughly enjoying his afternoon. He does not care that at home against their most bitter rivals, United had just 32 per cent of the possession and defended on the edge of their area for most of the second half. Klopp was too upset to comment on the contrast of styles because he knows that all that counts in the aftermath is the result. The Liverpool manager wanted a penalty for what he saw as a foul by the second half substitute Marouane Fellaini on Sadio Mane.

While Liverpool had plenty of the ball only once did they get one of Salah or Mane away, and that was when the latter was isolated with McTominay in the 66th minute.

His cross from the left was one of the few times Liverpool got behind United and Eric Bailly who was mostly excellent alongside Chris Smalling Klopps liverpool mot champions league to make the most extraordinary mess of it.

Asked about Bailly, Mourinho said: He can joke about these things from time to time. A single mistake would change the whole day as the clouds darkened the Old Trafford afternoon in the closing stages. Liverpool had 12 corners over the afternoon and time and again United got something on them. This home crowd loves attacking football but more than anything else, they love to go home having beaten Liverpool and Mourinho has given them this for the first time in his reign. Klopps liverpool mot champions league the end it was hardly an issue that Paul Pogba had been injured in training on Friday and was not even on the bench.

Before the first goal, Nemanja Matic had given a clue to the masterplan, looking up early to strike the ball into the channels for Lukaku to pursue.

Liverpool-spelaren lämnas hemma – av...

There was plenty left for Rashford to do, a jab of the head to nod the ball down into his path and originally Klopps liverpool mot champions league went from a promising position goal-side of Alexander-Arnold before having to come back around the young defender onto his right foot. He dispatched a shot past Loris Karius before the Liverpool defence had been given a chance to reorganise.

Again on 24 minutes it was another ball launched by De Gea and another header won by Lukaku, this time it fell to his feet and he pushed Emre Can away like the archetypal competitive father with a serious weight advantage. At first it fell to Juan Mata but Virgil Van Dijk got a block to the ball that broke left for Rashford to finish again.

Mourinho said he substituted his young striker, booked for a bad tackle on James Milner, because he feared losing him to a red card. "Klopps liverpool mot champions league" are the days the United manager thrives Klopps liverpool mot champions league, and he feels they answer any doubt over his approach, which may well be right — as long as his team win. Our first half was with goals and danger and I don't know what could happen if Mata scored that fantastic goal for In my opinion Liverpool controlling with the ball, United controlling without.

I don't remember David having a save, or any dangerous situations. We pushed them for more but our team was always in control and even in set pieces, dangerous situations in last parts of the game so I think we deserve.

Against Liverpool if you play bad when you have the ball you can be in trouble. I can't tell you this was a plan, no, they pushed us so credit to them but our full-backs defend very well the inside, our wingers sacrifice to control.

They swap their full-backs to go forward and so I think it was a complete performance. My intention was to give a direct opponent to feel the pressure of a player who is faster and create problems going behind the defence.

If he didn't score people would probably say it didn't work. I'm tired, we have a match on Tuesday, I don't care. You always can lose a header challenge with Lukaku, that can always happen and there's a gap in behind and we need to close that.

We were in these situations, not there. It made it not easy Klopps liverpool mot champions league so then a lot of OK moments, two good moments we could have finished better, the set pieces were all good. I think it was a clear penalty with Fellaini on Sadio. I think we need the right decisions. It was early but it didn't happen and we reacted, that's our duty, and what we said before the game is true after it.

They played a lot of long balls, we were not there. If you not want to excuse but it happens in football. The second ball was the one thing but I think it was the first from Rashford when he cuts back I don't know who in this moment but we need to be there.

The best one Firmino passes to Sadio and if there is no foul, Sadio wins. What can I say, they score two we score one. One point would have been fair to us. The only players who really need space and time on the ball are the strikers.

For Jurgen Klopp there was...

I managed against Mourinho when he was at Chelsea and he's not afraid to hit long over the midfield. There's still room to do that! Why hasn't Souness won more? Those dastardly foreign teams and their tip-tap passing football.

Launch it, get stuck in!

Jurgen Klopp will watch Liverpool's...

That's how you win! I think he's moaning that Liverpool kept possession by building from the back so they could be sure to have the ball in United's half.

Without players Klopps liverpool mot champions league of winning headers every time, it becomes a gamble to launch it long. You can control possession and therefore your take on the game by keeping it short. I will never understand this deep resentment for favouring keeping the ball over punting it into dice roll situations. When chasing a last minute winner, maybe it works. It worked for United today because they had players able to win the ball!

But they lost it a lot of times Perhaps this just means Souness likes the pragmatic, defensive approach - and by all accounts his managerial career seems to reflect this - as opposed to the lovely football Liverpool usually play. J amie Carragher has just focused his attentions on how easily Lukaku beat Lovren to the ball for the first goal. H e drew the defender into an aerial battle, won it without too much difficulty and the space left in behind by Lovren stepping out was what Rashford used to score.

I think I may have been a little harsh on Alexander-Arnold earlier - that goal was Lovren's fault. S ure, he was on the winning team but this was another error-strewn performance by United's supposedly star player. Mourinho's plan was built on not giving the ball away but Sanchez managed a To be fair to him, the majority were forward balls towards fellow attackers but he's been incredibly wasteful with possession so far for United, Klopps liverpool mot champions league to do far too much.

It's also unclear exactly where he was playing. At times it was close to Lukaku, at others he was wide and slightly deeper. Yet again though, Sanchez failed to influence this game.

I n the first half Man Utd had Mourinho's gameplan to sit back and punish on the counter worked perfectly today and he'll be sure to take added confidence from it. There was nothing wrong with Klopp's approach - it made perfect sense and is what Liverpool have done all season - but that ever-so-slight weakness down the right was their undoing.

U nited barely attacked in the second half, waiting for Liverpool to come onto them before breaking at speed. Look at the focus on the left side Klopps liverpool mot champions league. I t gets even more obvious when you look where the majority of United's crosses came from:.

I f anything it went beyond them.

Liverpool are through to the...

I thought that would be a closely guarded but instead those two very different tactical approaches to games played off each other perfectly. M ourinho's done it again. He wins the tactical battle and the three points thanks to those brilliant finishes by Marcus Rashford. United edge away from Liverpool in second place! This could be the last chance. Milner stands over it.

Van Dijk gets a head to it, McTominay heads on He's thumped it way over the bar. A difficult chance but it's gone! M ane is the most likely to make something here. He's looking for one-twos around the edge of the box, drives into the area and Bailly has to defend well to take it off him.

Valencia plays a wonder pass off the edge of his boot, Karius is 40 yards off his line! Klopps liverpool mot champions league has another corner to take. Mane runs at Fellainitucks it inside and Salah is tackled. Lukaku has him beaten for pace and the defender times his slide challenge to put the ball out for a throw. Six minutes of added time! Where did that come from?! Mourinho gives Mata a high five. Mane is taken out by Valencia with nov Jürgen Klopp var mektig irritert etter tap i Paris.

Liverpools skrekkelig borteform i Champions League fortsetter. Ikke bare må laget vinne mot Napoli på Anfield, om PSG gjør jobben mot Røde Stjerner i Serbia, må de vinne. For Jurgen Klopp there was that familiar creep of dread as he stood on starting his first Premier League Klopps liverpool mot champions league ofpunished Liverpool in. Jurgen Klopp will watch Liverpool's two European Cup final wins in Rome ahead of his side's Champions League semifinal with Roma.

nov Jürgen Klopp var mektig...

Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in 20 years despite a win over Everton on the final day of the Premier League. The Gunners began the day a point behind fourth-place Liverpool and were on course to displace the Reds when they took an eighth-minute lead. But Liverpool, needing a win to ensure fourth, broke Middlesbrough resistance just before the break, and won Arsenal's remarkable run of qualifying for the Champions League in 19 consecutive seasons came to its widely anticipated end on Sunday.

Hope grew among the home support when Hector Bellerin gave the Gunners an early lead and news filtered through that Liverpool were struggling against the relegated Teessiders. But in first-half stoppage time Georginio Wijnaldum put the Reds ahead with a stunning strike, and Jurgen Klopp's men eventually ran out comfortable winners. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger:

Jurgen Klopp says he will watch Liverpool's two European Cup final victories in Rome ahead of his side's Champions League semifinal with Roma, and believes the draw may be "destiny. The first leg is to be played at Anfield on April 24, with the return apparatus taking place the following Wednesday at the Stadio Olimpico -- the seascape where Liverpool won their first European Cup against Borussia Monchengladbach in in front of beating Roma on their own chuck in If any German goes to Bern in Switzerland he cannot avoid thinking approximately [when Germany won their first Creation Cup against Hungary].

That is how it is, but it was too long ago. The last-four tie with Roma is the first time in a decade that Liverpool have reached that stage of the tournament.

Liverpool's resurgence in Europe's premier club striving has earned the admiration of belabor legends, including Kenny Dalglish and Steven Gerrard, according to Klopp. It's exclusive because you beak history when you watch back. That's always about 'this was easy or whatever' but to have always the chance.

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Klopps liverpool mot champions league

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  • nov Jürgen Klopp var mektig irritert etter tap i Paris. Liverpools skrekkelig borteform i Champions League fortsetter. Ikke bare må laget vinne mot Napoli på Anfield, om PSG gjør jobben mot Røde Stjerner i Serbia, må de vinne. Jurgen Klopp was bemused at Gary Neville's suggestion He explained: "The Champions League - if I was Liverpool, I would kick it into touch.

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